Study materials

Additional Reports

Phase II Results

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Short Handouts

  • LCGS Info Sheet: High-level handout about the inception of the project, its participants, tools, methodology, and outcomes.
  • LCGS Factsheet: Two-page technical handout detailing Phase I modeling assumptions, methodology, and results.
  • Media Advisory: Brief description of the main purpose of the study for media sources.

Phase I Results Summary Slides

Phase I Results Webinar

  • Phase I Webinar: Click to view a recorded webinar given to SEIA members by project manager Jim Caldwell. This webinar is one hour long and free to all viewers.

Full Phase I Results

Phase I Work Papers

These documents list technical assumptions used in the California 2030 Low Carbon Grid Study, as well as relevant calculations and sources of these assumptions.

  • Workpapers: Contains most of the assumptions and sources behind the portfolios used in Phase I of the Low Carbon Grid study.
  • Workpapers, Supplement 1: Detailed load forecast projections, supplementing Appendix A of the Workpapers.
  • Workpapers, Supplement 2: Spreadsheet developed by E3, used to calculate the fixed charge rate for each technology for the utility revenue requirement impact analysis.
  • Workpapers, Supplement 3: Capital cost assumptions and calculations for the utility revenue requirement impact analysis.

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